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Statement on the Escalation of Violence Against Palestinians

The Socialist Party unequivocally opposes Israel's violent actions on the Gaza Strip and the slaughter of innocent Palestinians who are only standing in opposition to the illegal occupation of their homeland. We further condemn Donald Trump's decision to move the United States embassy to Jerusalem as a shameless attempt to score points with the Zionist lobby at the cost of Palestinian dignity and lives. There is no peace to be found through sniper rifles and high-velocity tear gas canisters.

We demand that the perpetrators of the recent violence against Palestinians are held accountable. We continue to demand that the United States divest itself of all support of Israel, be it economic, diplomatic, or military, as well as demand an end to the apartheid policies taking place in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

We stand uncompromisingly with the Palestinian people in their struggle for recognition and liberation, especially now in this time of escalating aggression. In that vein, we call on our locals throughout the country to organize demonstrations against United States support of Israel and for the freedom of Palestine.

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