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A social media campaign of the SPUSA Anti-War Working Group


● To stand united, as the anti-capitalist left, against Genocide.
● To demonstrate how the anti-capitalist left differs from the capitalist parties.
● To come together, as the anti-capitalist left, against imperialism, and for the victims of oppression.

How to take part:
Make a short video (up to 30 seconds or so) in which you say your name, your organization(s)/affiliations, your location, and that you are united against genocide, with the hashtag “#UnitedAgainstGenocide”. You can be creative with the visual aspect, or simple. It would be even more effective if folks from different orgs did videos together if possible.

Post your video to social media. If you use the hashtag #UnitedAgainstGenocide, we will be able to amplify each other’s posts.

Please also share your videos with us. Send your videos, by July 15, 2024, to
It will be edited into one longer video, which will be shared, publicly, on various social media sites.
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