National Convention


The National Convention is the highest decision-making body in the Socialist Party USA, superseded only by a national referendum. The convention, which meets every two years, consists of gender-balanced delegations from chartered state and local parties, as well as at-large delegations from unchartered areas. All member in good standing for at least 6 months prior to the National Convention are eligible to serve as delegates.

The National Convention elects Party leadership and votes on changes to the Statement of Principles, Platform and Constitution


Current Socialist Party USA Leadership


National Committee

The National Committee is elected by the Socialist Party's biennial National Convention to carry out the Party's affairs between conventions. It is the governing body of the Socialist Party USA.


The National Committee meets at least once every the months, as well as via mail ballot when necessary.


The National Committee elects the Party's staff officers: National Secretary, National Treasurer, Editor, Archivist, Campaign Clearinghouse Coordinator, New Member Coordinator, and any other offices it deems necessary.

National Chairs: Pat Noble and Stephanie Cholensky
National Vice-Chairs: Claudia Miller and Nicholas Partyka

National Committee Members (in order of election)

Greg Pason

Stephanie Gussin

John Palmucci Jr

Canyon Ryan

Matt Erard

Chelsea Rustad

Benjamin Blumberg

Joshua Bradley

Alternates (in order of election)

Dick Lahey

David Robbins

Next National Committee Meeting- July  24, 2021 E-mail the National Office for info.

Appointed Officers

The following officers were appointed by the National Committee.

National Secretary: Greg Pason

National Treasurer: Pat Noble

Editor: John Palmucci Jr.

Archivist: Steve Rossignol

National Action Committee

The National Action Committee (NAC) is a subcommittee of the National Committee that is directed to make day-to-day decisions between meetings of the National Committee. The NAC is composed of the constitutionally mandated members; National Secretary, National Treasurer, Editor, Co-Chairs, and Vice Chairs, as well as any additional members chosen by the National Committee. 

The NAC meets on call of the National Secretary or by a majority of NAC members. All actions and decisions made by the NAC are subject to a mail ballot of the entire National Committee upon the request of five National Committee members.


A member in good standing is a member that has remitted dues to the Party and subscribes to the Party's Statemen of Principles. Members must maintain membership dues or submit a waiver application to remain in good standing.  

Membership Bill of Rights and Responsibilities 

1. The right of protection from discrimination or ad-hominem attacks of any kind, including but not limited to racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, and transphobia.
2. The right to internally question decisions made by Party leadership on any level in a constructive and comradely manner.
3. The right to due process and appeal as provided by the Party Constitution and procedure set by the National Committee.
4. The right to freely participate in all Party activity to which the member is entitled
5. The responsibility to uphold the Statement of Principles as the core ideological and unifying document of the Party to which all members subscribe.
6. The responsibility to respect and adhere to the Party Constitution and decisions made through the democratic structure of the Party.
7. The responsibility to conduct yourself, both within the Party and out, in a way that demonstrates respect for your fellow members and the Party that you represent.
8. The responsibility to provide, protect, and not infringe upon the protections that are guaranteed to all members by this document.

State and Local Organizations

  • State and Local organizations are chartered groupings of Socialist Party USA members residing in those respective areas. 

  • Applications for membership must be approved by the Party organization with jurisdiction of the area where a new applicant resides.

  • State and local organizations of the Party may run candidates for political office in other political parties or form joint party tickets with similar interdependent political parties only with the approval of the National Committee.

  • State and Local organizations must submit regular reports to the National Committee as requested..

  • National referendum, national conventions, and National Committee decisions and policies shall take precedence over conflicting state and local decisions. In all other respects, state and local organizations shall have full powers.

State Organizations

  • State organizations consist of one or more locals, the state committee, and officials as determined by state conventions. 

  • State organizations have authority to charter Local organizations in their jurisdiction.

  • State organizations hold their authority subject to the National Committee which grants their charters.

Local Organizations

  • Local organizations consist of at least five members in good standing and a Local Executive Committee (LEC)

  • Local organizations hold their authority subject to the State Committee or the National Action Committee, whichever grants their charter.  

Regional Coordinators & Local Organizers


Regional Coordinators maintain regular contact with all at-large members within their jurisdiction with the goal of establishing locals, local organizers, local committees and state committees within their jurisdiction. The Regional Organizers will assist at-large members in pursing the establishment of new locals and will assist existing locals and at-large members to establish state charters

Local Organizers help build the Party and organize members in unorganized regions of the country. 

All Local Organizers are listed on the Party directory here

Standing Committees
The National Committee and National Action Committee create committees to address specific work in between meetings.

Working Groups and Commissions 
The Party's work is not only done on the state and local level, it is also done within various social movements. For this work, the Party's National Committee established Commissions and Working Groups. All members in good standing are encouraged to get involved in Working Group and Commission work.

  • Working Groups and Commissions must maintain membership rolls, elect officers and submit minutes of meetings or mail votes to the National Office. Commissions who do not respond will be de-chartered.

  • Convener of each Working Group is elected by the National Committee. Commissions elected their own Chairs.

  • Working Groups and Commission members must be members in good standing of the Socialist Party USA and be an active participant in the Commission for at least 15 days before she/he can be considered a voting member.

  • Any statements proposed or drafted by a Socialist Party USA Working Group or Commission must be formally submitted to the National Office so they may be reviewed by the NC or NAC for possible approval. Statements cannot be published as official statements of the Socialist Party USA outside of this process. All statements submitted to  the National Office will be forwarded to the NC or NAC within thirty (30) days.