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Post-Convention Greetings from the SPUSA National Co-Chairs

Jennifer Rampollo, National Co-Chair

My name is Jennifer Rampollo and I am excited to serve as Co-Chair on the National Committee. I live in North Florida with my wife and son, and have been a member of the Socialist Party, USA since 2016. Locally, I am involved with my Unitarian Universalist church and being bipolar myself, I have the opportunity to give peer support to many comrades and local youth. Previously, my work has focused on the care of individuals living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. It is that experience which gave me the confidence to know that I possess the technical and emotional skills to be an effective and empathetic leader.

It is my priority to ensure that all comrades recognize that we are here to serve them. It is my personal promise to truly listen, consider the implications of decisions, consult those who have specific knowledge and/or experience, and act in a way to represent the best interests of the Party and its membership. To allow

for this, the National Committee passed my motion to double the frequency of meetings to move on issues and discussions of importance to our members more rapidly than in the past.

We are a growing party and finding opportunities for at-large members to get more involved is something about which I also feel passionately. Though we have recently seen tremendous development of our local organizations, harnessing the enthusiasm among our at-large members will propel the SPUSA toward a new and exciting level of strength. We will be able to focus on organizing in communities where the SPUSA is a relatively new entity.

America stands at a turning point and the majority of Millennials, now the country’s largest generation, reject capitalism. Countless American socialists have dreamed of having this sort of opportunity and I intend to help us make the most of it by utilizing our strengths in Base-Building, Communications, Direct Action, and Education as well as Building Coalitions and Alliances. We have the ability to fulfill our collective vision of SPUSA being the mass Socialist Party. Together, we are going to take the Socialist Party USA into new and exciting territory.

We are stronger together. We are better together.

Solidarity, always!


Pat Noble, National Co-Chair

It is a privilege to be returned as a National Co-Chair of the Socialist Party for a second term.

We are coming off an incredibly successful National Convention in which many resolutions were debated and passed that will positively impact the growth, activity, and health of our Party. The seriousness that convention delegates showed in conducting the work of a convention will carry this Party forward in the two years ahead.

On the logistics end, significant credit and thanks are due to our National Secretary, Greg Pason, as well as the New York City local and AJ Muste Institute for hosting the convention.

Along with resolutions and directives, the National Convention elected a stellar leadership for the 2017-2019 term.

I am excited to begin working with our new Co-Chair, Jennifer Rampollo, as well as our new Vice Chairs, Jamie Keesling and Adam Powell. The new National Committee is a bastion of talent and dedication that will take the Socialist Party in a very positive direction. Congratulations to everyone that was elected and thank you to everyone, elected and not, who signaled their willingness to serve the Party, its membership, and the socialist principles that unite us.


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