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Socialist Party USA Members Organize to Support Starbucks Workers on Red Cup Rebellion Day of Action

On November 16, Socialist Party USA locals and at-large members rallied with Starbucks Workers United on their day of action: the Red Cup Rebellion. The SBWU called on community members to rally at both union and non-union stores nationwide in support of their efforts to win a contract. Despite over 360 successful unionization drives, the company refuses to negotiate with workers in good faith, flouting National Labor Relations laws and rulings.

The Labor Working Group of the SPUSA led the organizing efforts, using their Labor Rising SP Project website to facilitate rallies between the SBWU and SP locals and at-large members. The SPUSA hosted four individual events: two in New York City, Jacksonville, FL, and Betonville, AR. Other locals and at-large members in Riverside, California; Storrs, Connecticut; and the Pittsburgh-area rallied with Starbucks workers, handing out flyers to the community and holding signs showing solidarity and demanding a contract. SP members reported making important connections between the SBWU, local labor organizers, and the party.

Congratulations to the SBWU on a successful event and to all party members who organized and rallied! If you are interested in the Labor Working Group's activities, email for more information.


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