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Congratulations to Hawkins/Walker on Securing the 2020 Green Party Nomination

Almost nine months ago, the Socialist Party National Convention overwhelmingly voted to embark on a new course of electoral action. Rather than nominate a traditional presidential campaign, we answered the call of left unity by nominating Howie Hawkins for President in 2020. This nomination was made in the knowledge that he was also seeking the Green Party nomination, as well as support from across the US Left as a whole.

On July 11th, the next chapter to this endeavor began.

By a majority vote on the first ballot, Howie Hawkins was nominated for President of the United States by the Green Party National Convention. Our 2020 vice-presidential nominee and former 2016 VP nominee, Angela Walker, was also nominated by that convention. This historic decision has created the first dual Socialist-Green presidential ticket in history and, coupled with an endorsement from Solidarity, constitutes the most significant electoral effort to unite the independent Left in this century.

While the task of both parties nominating the Hawkins/Walker ticket was monumental, the task before us is even more daunting.

Through this unprecedented unity campaign, it is our job to prove that the Left is capable of self-renewal and moving beyond the sectarianism of the past. While others remain committed to capitulation and failure in Democratic Party politics, we of the independent Left must demonstrate that socialism will only be built outside of the capitalist two-party system and come through collective effort. The Hawkins/Walker ticket is not the end game on this journey, but serves as an opening salvo for things to come when cooperation and solidarity are chosen over division and sectarianism.

We would like to offer our sincere congratulations to Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker, as well as everyone working tirelessly on the campaign, for securing the 2020 Green Party nominations. We would also like to salute the Green Party members across the country who voted to reject the divided Left politics of yesterday and support this socialist unity campaign.

Lastly, we would like to encourage anyone who agrees with the Socialist Party Statement of Principles and supports the Hawkins/Walker campaign to consider applying to join the Socialist Party today!


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