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Ninth Circuit Rejects Secretary of State's Rehearing Request in California Ballot Labels Case

From Ballot Access News: "On February 8, the Ninth Circuit refused to rehear Soltysik v Padilla, 16 55758. This is the lawsuit that challenges California’s refusal to put the party label of candidates on the ballot (for congress or partisan state office) if the candidate is a member of an unqualified party. This means that the case goes back to the U.S. District Court for a trial.

Originally the U.S. District Court had dismissed the case without permitting evidence, but now the case is revived and evidence can be submitted. The plaintiff, Emidio Soltysik, is a registered Socialist, but the law did not permit that word to be on the ballot next to his name when he ran for the legislature in the 2014 primary."

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