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For a Mass-Action Response to Three Major War Threats

Statement written by the SPUSA Anti-War Commission and passed by the National Action Commission October 9, 2017

The U.S. President's threats, in a speech at the United Nations, to "totally destroy" North Korea; to tear up the nuclear arms agreement among Iran and several major powers; and the openly intervene by force in Venezuela; have shocked the world. Equally shocking is the bipartisan nature of the threats, accepted with little comment by bodies of Congress that had recently approved a $700 billion arms budget that exceeded Trump's request.

Adding three new major threats of war to the ongoing U.S. wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Syria obliges antiwar forces in the U.S. to unite in action. Mass protests in the streets are required to prevent or limit the coming wars.

Liberal groups and politicians plead for negotiations; on the contrary, socialists respond with a call for an unconditional "Out Now" and "Hands Off."

- cessation of all U.S. air, ground, and naval operations in and near Korea; - shutdown of the fifteen U.S. military bases in South Korea; - withdrawal of the 35,000 U.S. troops in Korea and the 40,000 in Japan; - lifting of all sanctions and threats against Venezuela; - stopping of the threats against Iran and ending of U.S. participation in the Saudi war against Yemen; - closing of all U.S. bases in the Mideast and ending of the U.S.> supply of arms and funds for of the dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and Egypt and the occupation of Palestine by Israel.

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