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Socialist Party Response to the United States Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement

Drafted by the SPUSA Ecosocialist Commission

Passed by the SPUSA National Action Committee, 6/2/17

The Paris Climate Accord is fundamentally flawed and fails to significantly address the dangers posed by global climate change. If the planet and its ecosystems are to be saved, and if we are going to have a world fit for human and other life, we must rapidly transition to a non-productivist, international socialist society. We cannot look to elected officials to design and implement this transition. Instead, the transition has to be designed and implemented by working class people across the planet. 

Despite the shortcomings of the Paris agreement, Donald Trump's announcement that the United States will exit the 195-nation agreement is a clear indication of his disdain for the international working class and blatant disregard for the environment. This action stands as proof that capitalism and its institutions are incapable of addressing climate change in a lasting and meaningful way. As such, we must address the conditions in the United States that have enabled Donald Trump to sit in a position of global leadership. The Socialist Party USA stands in complete opposition to the Trump Administration. Our hearts and efforts stand in solidarity with the international working class as we strive to collectively build a world where environmental justice and sustainability is supreme. 

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