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The Fight Against Trump Begins

Statement by the SPUSA National Action Committee passed 1/30/17 Resolution by the SPUSA National Committee passed 1/29/17 The events of the past few days have proven two things. First, that Donald Trump is fully prepared to carry out the threats he made during his presidential campaign against Muslims, refugees, undocumented workers, women, Native Americans, and other oppressed groups. Second, that we on the Left are fully prepared to fight back against these horrific policies and stand with the communities under attack. The reaction to Trump's inauguration, as well as the millions who marched around the world the day after and the thousands who responded to support the refugees being detained and turned away at U.S. airports, are clear signs that a mass movement is being born to oppose the new administration. This mass movement has no specific ideology and is controlled by no party or organization, but is united in its opposition to the hate-filled actions of the Trump administration and in its support of human dignity and freedom from oppression. The Socialist Party's National Committee met this past weekend and, breaking from its agenda to discuss the events unfolding, passed a resolution to state that “the position of the Socialist Party USA is that mass movements currently taking place should be advocated and supported by members and others who support our principles.” Our support for refugees, undocumented immigrants, Black Lives Matter, the LGBTQA+ community, Muslims, Native Americans, and any other group or community under attack by Trump and his alt-right supporters will be steadfast and unwavering. The Democrats have already declared their intention to co-opt this new movement in its infancy. The detainment of refugees at U.S. airports has already seen high-profile Democrats such as Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker parachute in to demonstrations to win points and claim leadership. Let us be perfectly clear: our opposition to Donald Trump cannot be built on or with the Democratic Party. Over the next four years, there will be many times in which they publicly oppose Trump and pretend to be our ally. As we move forward into this new and dark time, we have to remember who they are. They are the party that supported George W. Bush in invading Iraq, Afghanistan, and launching the War on Terror. They are the party that supported Barack Obama as governments were overthrown and thousands of innocent people died in drone attacks. Now they are the party that will claim opposition to the policies and actions of Donald Trump that they previously supported and normalized. The road to oppression is paved with their lies and the road to defeat Trump and the system that created him cannot involve them. As we said after Trump's election and we say again at the beginning of Trump's presidency, any hope for progress we have lies with us, our neighbors, our co-workers, our communities, and our working class that has the collective power to challenge capitalism and build a new system in its place.

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