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Northern NJ Local Co-Organizes Police and Prison Abolition Film and Discussion in Montclair

The Northern New Jersey Socialist Party co-organized a screening of the upcoming film "Reimagining Safety" in Montclair NJ with local community organizations.

More than 100 residents came out to see the new film directed and produced by Matthew Solomon and attend a post screening discission moderated by local civil right activist and organizer Renee Johnston of Public Square Limited. Renee was the main motivator of the panel and did an incredible job getting people out. Northern NJ Local members Diane Moxley, Jack Cuffari and Susan Gordan attended and assisted.

While the film covered so many topics and was well received, the panel discussion was a great opportunity for community residents to ask questions and discuss the topic. Panelists included Christina Amira Khalil, Chuck Modi, Imani Oakley, Olayemi Olurin and Alex Vitale. Public Sqaure Amplified was incredibly helpful in this event and a stream of the q & a (not film) can be found on the Rain Cooperative's youtube page

The Northern NJ Local had the opportunity to talk directly with many local activists and promote the Party's work in the area, specifically our work within the abolition and mutual aid community.


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