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Regional Coordinators

The National Committee of the Socialist Party USA is seeking applicants for our newly established Regional Coordinator Program.
Regional Coordinators will maintain regular contact with all at-large members, local organizers, local organizations, and state organizations within their jurisdiction, with emphasis on: aiding in new member development; facilitating at-large member involvement in party activity; assisting local organizers and at-large members in pursuing the establishment of new locals; assisting local organizations in pursuing the establishment of state organizations; coordinating the activities of members and chapters on a regional scale.


Regional Coordinators will initially be appointed within seven regions defined by the National Committee (see image below). These regional definitions are only intended as a rough starting point to enable a quick launch of the program, and will be further
revised in consultation with active Regional Coordinators to address the specific opportunities and obstacles they encounter in their work.


Regional Coordinators will report to the National Committee and National Secretary. The National Committee will review the success of Regional Organizers every six months.

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