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The Socialist Party’s National Committee is announcing the Socialist Party’s Cuba Solidarity Campaign this summer. As socialists living in the heart of global capitalism, it is important that our party stand in support of the Cuban people and their unshakable resolve. It is our duty as internationalists to confront US imperialist aggression, especially against our comrades who continue to defend and advance the ideals of the Cuban Revolution. This campaign offers us the chance to show our support in a coordinated and unified manner.Our focus in this campaign is specific. President Biden, like any of his recent predecessors, has the ability to unilaterally end the blockade against Cuba. This can be done with the stroke of a pen or through the deliberate lapse of the relevant statutory authority. The next time this statutory authority will be allowed to lapse is in September 2021. To lead up to this point, our campaign will launch on June 1st and carry on through August 31st.


Your participation is critical for this campaign to be a success. We hope to not only demonstrate our solidarity with Cuba and oppose the blockade, but also to show our unity as a party and attract new members as a result. Our campaign is outlined below in a five point plan:

First, one of the key components of this campaign will be an educational webinar series. 

Webinar Series

Webinar #1: The July 26th Movement and the Cuban Revolution

click on image for video

Webinar #2: Contemporary Cuba: The Special Period to Today

click on image for video

Webinar #3: Ending the U.S. Blockade of Cuba

click on image for video

Webinar #4:  The War Against Cuba: Beyond the Blockade. 

 click on image for video

Second, we ask that you conduct a campaign-focused tabling event in July. A new Party brochure that outlines our position on the Cuba blockade has been produced to aid in this effort. Tabling is a good way to meet people and potentially recruit new members. Please remember to take pictures, post them to social media, and then send them along with a short write-up to the National Secretary at

SPUSA Cuba Solidarity brochure


Download a pdf of the brochure here

Order b/w copies from the National Office 

$15 for 25

$25 for 50

including postage

donate here and email with your order

cubaposter copy1.jpg

Cuba Solidarity rally signs!

download an 11x 17 pdf here

order signs

(11 x 17 cardstock)

$20 for 5 signs

$35 for 10 signs

including postage

donate here and email with your order

Third, we ask you to submit an op-ed to your local paper. Your op-ed should be done and ready to submit to your local paper in July. We have attached a suggested template for an op-ed as a jumping-off point for writing your own. You may also use the template as is. Please consult your local newspaper’s website for details on its specific requirements for op-ed submissions, and adjust as necessary. If published, please remember to share on social media and forward to the National Secretary for national distribution.


Fourth, the national Party social media accounts will make various posts regarding and/or promoting the campaign. Please keep an eye out for them and share on your social media accounts. This especially includes articles in The Socialist.


Fifth, this campaign and the aforementioned points will build toward rallies held locally on either August 27, 28, or 29 (Fri.-Sun.). The choice of which day will be left to local members. We encourage you to set the event time and location as soon as possible so it can be promoted through the webinars, tabling event, local op-ed, and social media. Please consider reaching out to other local groups that may be interested in co-sponsoring your rally.


If you have any questions about the campaign, both now and as the summer progresses, please contact co-Vice Chair Nicholas Partyka;

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