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Statement on Two Recent Articles in The Socialist

In the Socialist Party, we pride ourselves on having a vibrant publication that is both respectful of our Statement of Principles and far beyond a typical ideological mouthpiece. As such, we empower our editorial leadership to “represent and challenge the spectrum of ideologies that belong to the Socialist Party through debate and publishing thought-provoking content.”

On occasion, and in the case of the following two articles recently published, that challenge has been taken to excess:

North Korea Shows How a Society Can Heal After Suffering Through Imperialist Violence

Why the U.S. Spreads Lies About China

The views expressed in these articles do not represent the Socialist Party and are in conflict with our core principles. While we are in steadfast support of the international working class and unequivocally oppose imperialist intervention, that does not equal and should not lead to support for authoritarian governments. To quote our Statement of Principles, “We align with no nation, but only with working people throughout the world.”

We apologize to anyone who read these articles as a representation of what the Socialist Party stands for and will be working to improve editorial oversight and accountability.

Thank you.

National Action Committee of the Socialist Party USA


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