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Solidarity with the Minnesota Nurses Association Strike (Twin Cities Metro Local Statement)

The Twin Cities Metro Area local of the Socialist Party USA stands in solidarity with the brave nurses of the Minnesota Nurses Association and the fight for their rights as workers. The 16 hospitals that employ these workers rake in millions off the backs of these overworked and overextended nurses through short-staffing and the excessive charging of patients. We support the MNA's choice to strike in order to provide better patient care and put patients before profits!

Please stand with the MNA and the Socialist Party USA, you can sign up to support the picket line, donate to the strike fund, sign the petition of support, and submit a testimonial of your personal experience in the hospital system (here).

Strike Announcement from the MNA "15,000 nurses to strike as they fight for fair contracts that put Patients Before Profits" read here

How to support these nurses in their fight!


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