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Northern NJ Socialists Support Actions for a Ceasefire Now and and End to the Assault on Gaza

Northern NJ member joined vigils, protests, mobilizations and a public discussion on the situation in Gaza and for an immediate ceasefire.

In Montclair, members joined the ongoing vigils calling for an immediate ceasefire.

The vigils were organized by NJ Peace Action and Jewish Voice for Peace and have been coordained every Friday.

Members also attendied a a protest at a local Democrat event where Sen. Cory Booker Spoke. Sen Booker has so far refused to call for a ceasefire and will be confronted as he continues to support the Biden administrations support for the Israeli assault on Gaza.

Other events included a rally in Newark, where Socialists joined hundreds of protestors marching the street of Newark to Sen. Bookers office to demand his support for a resolution on a ceasefire and to end US military support to Israel and their assault on Gaza.

Socialist Party member Diane Moxley attended the National March on Washington for Palestine on November 4, 2023. The demands were clear, there needs a ceasefire now.

The march and rally was to show solidarity and support with plight of Palestinians. At the time of the action the death toll of children had passed 4,000 and at least 9,770 people killed in nearly a month from Israeli strikes, according to the Palestinian health ministry. Diane stated “I don’t have the answers, but I know more death doesn’t not put us on the path of safety, security and peace. There needs to be real peace negotiations now! A true massacre is occurring in Gaza.” Organizers estimated the attendance at about 300,000, making it the largest Pro-Palestinian March on Washington. Please call your representatives and President Biden and demand a ceasefire now.

On November 12th, Party members attended what was billed as an open conversation on the current situation in Israel/Palestine organized by Jewish Voice for Peace, Pax Christi and Veterans for Peace, featuring a presentation by Steve Chase, Quaker activist & author. The event had been attacked by pro-Zionist/pro-war organizations in town and originally canceled at previous locations. The event was a success and made it almost through the full two hours

before anti-Palestinian activists disrupted it.


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