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Capital Dist NY Statement in Support of Mohawk Ambulance EMS Workers

Mohawk Ambulance EMS workers want their minimum wage raised to $15 per hour. Presently, the hiring wage for EMS workers at Mohawk Ambulance is an outrageous $12.50 per hour. As of December 31, 2018, this will only exceed the state minimum wage by a mere $0.51. Mohawk Ambulance is the only contracted ambulance service for Albany and Schenectady, NY. Their workers answer over 70,000 calls per year. Many EMS workers have to work 80 hours each week just to provide for their families. They perform skilled, professional work under unimaginable stress, with the lives of others routinely hanging in the balance.

The work they do saves the lives of our loved ones, and our fellow citizens. We’ve recently had a very stark and very tragic reminder of this here in the Capital Region in Scoharie. And yet, in all too many cases the EMS workers who protect all of us, often struggle with working condition effects of depression and PTSD. EMS workers should be held in the highest professional esteem and receive salaries commensurate with their talent, their dedications, and the sacrifice they make. Like all workers they have the right to directly control the places where they work. EMS workers deserve our unwavering support!

This is simply one more reason why such essential public services cannot be operated according to “free” market imperatives. Because when they are, this is the result. The bosses only care about profit, and that’s why they will treat such skilled, passionate, and caring people so atrociously; and, in so doing put people’s lives at risk, EMS workers and patients. Capital District Socialist Party stands unequivocally with EMS workers at Mohawk Ambulance in Albany, NY. Mohawk Ambulance EMS workers will be protesting their appalling working conditions and low wages at a "Rescue The Rescuers" rally at 11AM, Monday, October 15 at 570 Central Avenue, in Albany. Everyone who can should make an effort to attend and help those who do so much unheralded work literally saving lives in our community.

Executive Committee Capital District Socialist Party 10/14/2018

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