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Upholding Human Rights: Condemn Family Separation and Detention, Act Now

Drafted by the People of Color Commission, approved by the National Action Committee

In the most strident terms possible, the Socialist Party condemns the reprehensible separation of families at the United States border by the Trump Administration. This blatant violation of human rights, justified by a xenophobic, far-right immigration policy, flies in the face of human compassion as well as all ethical and moral standards. The United States government’s lack of basic humanity is evidenced by the fact that the separation of families has been compared to Nazi concentration camps and the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War Two. We demand the immediate reunification of all children stolen from their families through this inhumane policy. We demand that the United States Congress immediately enact legislation to reverse and permanently criminalize this family separation policy.

We demand the complete demilitarization of borders and equal citizenship rights for all people.

While the act of separating families has ended, the legalized abuse inflicted upon undocumented families has not. As was the case under the Bush and Obama administrations, undocumented people can still be held in detention for months without the right to due process and without basic amenities like safe food and hygiene facilities. This policy includes families with children.

President Trump has defined these actions as a “zero tolerance” policy. In response, we declare and reaffirm our zero tolerance towards this country’s inhumane treatment of immigrants and the hatred, oppression, and lies peddled by President Trump and his administration.

Fighting to keep families together is crucial but we cannot stop there in the fight for freedom from capitalism. In that spirit, we encourage you to join the Socialist Party’s efforts to organize against ICE and the Trump Administration.

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