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Socialists Meet up in Shasta County CA

What an awesome meeting Monday for the Shasta County Socialist Party !

We discussed furthering our plans and tactics for our garden projects, we're aiming to set it up in August for winter crops like potatoes, onions, etc. as well as fall blooming cherry tomatoes.

We discussed how we can implement the Socialist Party USA Ecosocialist Working Group 's upcoming "Sowing the Seeds of Socialism" Seed-Distribution Campaign/Survey.

We discussed homeless outreach, and thanks to comrade J Christian Klopf's donation, we will have funds for supply and food drops!

We discussed further cooperation and partnering with WSWA on various projects.

We discussed allying with "Rebel" Churches against the Hate Churches (Bethel and the like) in our community's religious cold civil war. Churches who are open sanctuaries like First United Methodist, Pilgrim Congregational, the Universalists, etc. We had people volunteer for each of these functions!

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