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Statement on the Bombing in Syria

The Socialist Party condemns the indefensible bombing in Syria by the United States, United Kingdom, and France. Ordered by Donald Trump and his European cohorts, this attack represents a blatant escalation of U.S. involvement in a country and region already devastated by imperialist intervention. To use the tragedy in Douma, in which blame has not been proven, as an excuse to attack the Syrian government and subsequently inflict further pain on the Syrian people, is proof the "humanitarian” justification for a U.S.-led airstrike is a blatant and unmitigated lie.

For our part in the United States, the response must be the same as when Barack Obama attempted to directly intervene in 2013, as well as when Donald Trump attacked Syria a year ago - we continue to reject, and will organize against, any United States involvement in Syria. We call for a complete end to all military involvement of the United States and its allies in the region.

Our solidarity does not lie with the Syrian government or U.S.-backed opposition, but with the Syrian people – both those in Syria and the millions of Syrian refugees displaced around the world. As stated in our Statement of Principles, “We align with no nation, but only with working people throughout the world.”

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