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Help SP Central AL Found A Community Center

The Socialist Party of Central Alabama is raising money to open a new community center in Montgomery and fund the creation of a community garden. As a political organization committed to improving the lives of working and disenfranchised peoples, our community center will serve as a place where people can go for the help they need. We plan to provide aid for people looking to sign up for public assistance; we plan to establish a program for donating clothes directly to the community, as well as fresh produce grown from our garden and other grocery items; we plan to offer basic health screenings, internet service and much more. There are thousands of desperate people all across Alabama - with the establishment of this community center, we will be able to offer assistance to those brothers and sisters right here in our community. Seeing this become a reality is one of our primary goals for the new year and will give us an incredible opportunity to truly help those in need and work in whatever way possible to improve the lives of our fellow Alabamians.

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