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Socialist Party Statement on Charlottesville

Statement passed by the National Action Committee, 8/12/17

The Socialist Party condemns the cowardly act of right-wing terrorism in Charlottesville in which anti-fascist comrades were murdered and many more injured.

The oblivious response by Trump and weak response by other politicians of both capitalist parties proves that we are on our own. If anyone tells you this all can be solved by replacing Trump with a Democrat in 2020, they are wrong. The right-wing has been emboldened by Trump, but they will not step down when he leaves office. We reject any notion that this murderous event was a isolated incident or the politics that fuel it exist only on the fringe of society. This is the United States - a country built on slavery and drenched in the blood of Native Americans, a country that glorifies murderers and tyrants by hiding them behind badges and government seals, and a country that slaughters countless people around the world in the name of an imaginary freedom that no one can obtain. This is the United States and this is capitalism. It will fall and we will rise so to that end we organize and fight. Rest in power.

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