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Statement on the Attack in Manchester

The Socialist Party USA condemns the recent attack in Manchester, in which scores of innocent concert goers were killed or injured in an inhumane act. Our thoughts and condolences are with the deceased and their families.

Especially with the United Kingdom less than three weeks from a general election, we stand against any attempt to turn this tragedy into political capital to further right-wing agendas and target oppressed communities. Though we are an ocean away, we stand in solidarity with immigrants and Muslims in Britain that will be targeted even more heavily by the opportunistic right in the days ahead.

As anti-capitalist forces in the United Kingdom rally to defend their most vulnerable communities, the greatest act of solidarity we can show is to do the same here in the United States. We will continue to oppose the racism of the Trump Administration and will organize against using this terrible act as an excuse to further the War on Terror.

This heinous act of violence serves as yet another reminder that, while the capitalists instigate wars and reap their profits, it is the working class that suffers the casualties.

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