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US Out of Korea Now!

Despite the fact that the United States dropped the so-called “Mother of All Bombs” in Afghanistan less than three weeks ago, Donald Trump has the audacity to claim that North Korea testing – not using – a weapon will not be tolerated.

It has become increasingly clear that the White House and Pentagon are preparing to attack North Korea and will use any excuse to get there. Especially with the fact that North Korea has attacked no country, this would constitute a war crime.

On April 26th, the entire U.S. Senate was briefed at the White House on the current situation on the Korean Peninsula, or at least the U.S. version of it. This stands to continue a long-standing position of the Democrat and Republican parties to support U.S. imperialism under the guise of national security.

During the Korean War, the United States dropped over 32,000 tons of napalm on Korea and, by the estimate of their own general, Curtis LeMay, killed roughly 20% of the population. The unimaginable suffering that was brought to bear in Korea by the United States has not been forgotten.

While we do not defend the North Korean government and continue to advocate for a world without nuclear weapons, we strongly believe that no person should have to live under the threat of U.S. imperialism. Any suggestion that the U.S. foreign policy is based on anything other than capitalist self-interest is provably untrue.

The Socialist Party demands an immediate end to the criminal threats being made by Donald Trump against North Korea. We demand an immediate end to the U.S. military presence on and surrounding the Korean Peninsula, including the antagonistic “war game” exercises. We will support united protests in the streets against the preemptive war against North Korea.

Jeopardizing the lives of millions of people in North Korea and South Korea will only continue to prove that the brutal legacy left by the United States in Korea is alive and well.

U.S. out of Korea now!

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