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Response to the U.S. Declaration of War on Transgender People

Collectively written by the transgender members of the LGBTQA+ Commission of the Socialist Party USA, and endorsed by the entirety of the LGBTQA+ Commission. Approved by SPUSA National Action Committee Feb 26, 2017 Oppression of any marginalized group is based on a denial of the fundamental humanity, or even the existence of that group. The action taken by Jefferson Beauregard Sessions and the Trump administration is not about access to restrooms and locker rooms. It is an expression of a view of the world in which transgender people do not exist. Our fundamental humanity is being denied and we are being dismissed as, quote, “mentally ill freaks” by reactionaries. The recent actions taken by the US state apparatus in regards to the revocation of the right of trans students in public schools to use the bathroom of their choice constitutes a declaration of war against all transgender people in the United States. Transgender people in the US are already an extremely marginalized group. Donald Trump has stated that transgender people’s rights are a state’s rights issue. This is the same argument that reactionaries have used to deny the civil rights of black Americans. The transgender community identifies with the history of oppression of other marginalized groups. We stand in solidarity with them and we ask that they stand with us. The exclusion of transgender students from the protection of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a fundamental denial of the civil rights of all transgender people and an attempt to further marginalize us. It will encourage the bullying and intimidation of transgender students, and increase the suicide rate, which is already abnormally high. Transgender youth commit suicide, not because they are transgender, but because of the hostile world they experience. Denial of the right to use a restroom or locker room corresponding to a person’s gender is a disgusting violation of individual autonomy and a sign of the authoritarian society we live in. The Trump administration has decided to leave it up to individual school districts whether they allow trans people to use the bathroom of their choice, saying that “School districts should decide this issue themselves”. Obviously, the rights of transgender people are not a matter of concern for the Trump Administration. The LGBTQA+ Commission of the Socialist Party USA will fight against these repressive policy changes. Leaving the decision up to the individual schools encourages discrimination towards transgender youth and adults. We value every life and will fight for dignity and respect of every person no matter what their gender identity is. We stand united together for the accomplishment of our goal of a free, democratic, socialist society that is inclusive of all and free bigotry of any kind. Our collective liberation is depends on the liberation of us all and we will continue to fight for a non-hierarchical egalitarian society where all of our human rights are guaranteed. Safety is assured when people’s choices are increased, not restricted. An injury to one is an injury to all, and this injury will not be ignored.

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