February 1, 2019


A Party-wide referendum vote has been called to consider the recall of Christopher DiLoreto from serving as a member of the Socialist Party USA National Committee. This referendum was jointly called by the Coastal South Carolina, Northern Piedmont, and Puget Sound Locals in accordance with Article XI, Section 1 of the Party Constitution. 

All members in good standing on or before November 1st, 2018 are eligible to participate in the vote. 

Below you will find a “pro” statement in support of the recall from the endorsing Locals, as well as a “con” statement in opposition to the recall from Christopher DiLoreto. Both parties were constitutionally limited to three hundred words and given equal time to submit a position statement.

Pro Statement

Con Statement

If you would like to participate in the referendum vote, you can cast your ballot via one of the following:

1.  Complete and sign the enclosed ballot and mail it back to the Socialist Party National Office at 168 Canal Street, Suite 600 New York City NY 10013.

2. Complete and sign the enclosed ballot, scan or take a picture of the form, and e-mail to referendum@socialistparty-usa.org.

A PDF version of the ballot form is also available for download here

All votes must be submitted on the signed ballot form to be counted. Incomplete ballots or votes not submitted using the ballot form will not be considered valid.

SPUSA Constitution- ARTICLE XI Section 8: For a referendum vote to be approved, it must receive either  1) a majority vote of the total national membership in good standing, or 2) a two-thirds vote of those members returning ballots, provided 30% of the membership returns ballots.




If you have any questions about the referendum, please e-mail the special referendum e-mail address

referendum@socialistparty-usa.org or call (212) 537-4728

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