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The Socialist Party USA appreciates the work of all Party activists and organizers and believes it is important to recognize all the work that is done in the movement and our communities to build the Party. 


On a quarterly basis, the National Action Committee will recognize two members from different gender identities for their service to the Party. This recognition shall be titled "The Eugene V. Debs Service Award" and award recipients be publicly archived on the Party website.


Valerie Liesenfelt (SP Illinois) Valerie is a member of the Socialist Party of Illinois and Socialist Party of Greater Springfield, currently serving as Co-Chair of the state party and Chair of the local. They previously served as Local Organizer for Greater Springfield before the local was chartered in April. For incredible work on helping to charter the Socialist Party's LGBTQA+ Commission, Greater Springfield local, and Illinois state party, we are excited to name Valerie as a recipient of the Eugene V. Debs Service Award for Spring 2017.

Thank you Val!

Brian Cassidy (At-Large Ohio) Brian is an at-large member of the Socialist Party in Ohio and serves as the Local Organizer for Northeastern Ohio. He is a dedicated participant on the Socialist Party's Labor/Living Wage Commission and helped to coordinate Socialist Party involvement in supporting the CIW's Fair Food campaign in Columbus, OH in March. For fantastic work on promoting the Socialist Party in both his community and nationally, we are excited to name Brian as a recipient of the Eugene V. Debs Service Award for Spring 2017. Thank you Brian!

                                                            PAST RECIPIENTS


Mimi Soltysik & Angela Nicole Walker

As we close out 2016, we on the NAC cannot think of two people that better embody the spirit of the Eugene V. Debs Service Award than Mimi and Angela. In serving as the 2016 Socialist Party presidential ticket, they traveled to locals across the country, communicated with members and supporters, hosted online town halls, and completed interviews with numerous media outlets. We are all grateful for their hard work and dedication in representing the Socialist Party and introducing countless people to the idea that there is a better future beyond capitalism. Thank you Mimi and Angela!

Jacquis Robertson (SP Michigan) Jacquis is a member of the Socialist Party of Michigan in Kalamazoo, MI. She has been involved in organizing for the Socialist Party's Soltysik/Walker presidential campaign in Michigan, including helping to coordinate campaign events in the state and connect community organizing to the campaign. For outstanding work on the Soltysik/Walker campaign, we are excited to name Jacquis as a recipient of the Eugene V Debs Service Award for Fall 2016. Thank you Jacquis!


Tom MacMillan (Maine) Upon joining the Socialist Party, Tom immediately set out to organize as the Local Organizer for Southern Maine. Within a few months time, the Socialist Party of Southern Maine was chartered. This, combined with his work to bring a large contingent of Maine members to our 2016 National Organizing Conference in New Jersey, has made Tom an outstanding choice for the Eugene V Debs Service Award for Fall 2016. Thank you Tom!


Audrey Bee (Indianapolis Local) Audrey is an active member of the Indianapolis Local, currently serving as local Chair. She has been a key organizer and participant for several demonstrations in Indianapolis, speaking on behalf of the Socialist Party at many of them. Audrey was the organizer of the December 2015 March for TransLiberation in Indianapolis against anti-transgender bathroom bill SB35 (which has since been defeated). The level of dedication Audrey has shown is outstanding and well-deserving of the Award. Thank you Audrey!

Jay Wolfson (Central NJ Local) Jay has served as Outreach Coordinator for the Central NJ Local since March of this year. In that time, he has become a key organizer in New Jersey, establishing contact with other organizations and attending demonstrations across the state. Jay was one of the main organizers of the Central New Jersey May Day Coalition march in New Brunswick and is actively helping to coordinate our 2016 National Organizing Conference. He is also an active participant in Plan of Action campaign meetings. Thank you Jay!

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