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Beyond Bernie: An Open Letter to Sanders Supporters

Beyond Bernie: An Open Letter to Sanders Supporters If we have learned one thing from Bernie Sanders’ two presidential campaigns, it is that radical politics cannot be advanced from within the Democratic Party. This is not a criticism of the hard work done by countless volunteers on the Sanders campaign, but an indictment on a party that will do everything up to and including rigging its own presidential primaries to prevent meaningful change. For many, Senator Sanders’ loss in the presidential primary is still raw and deciding your next political step may take time. For others, you may be ready now to continue advocating for radical solutions in the 2020 election. Wherever you find yourself

Statement on the Coronavirus Pandemic Response

Comrades and Fellow Workers, This time of disruption is unlike anything most of us have ever experienced. We urge everyone to remain calm and to take care of comrades, family, friends and neighbors. Now more than ever we need solidarity. The COVID-19 pandemic has produced, and will continue to produce, a multitude of different kinds of needs and vulnerabilities. Before it ends, many of us will be affected in one way or another, and only the support of our communities will get us through. The devastating shortages of essential medical supplies and testing components in the wake of the COVID-19 virus outbreak lays bare the fraud of both the U.S. ruling establishment’s ‘national security’ budge

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