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SP Central Oregon Local Joins the fight Against Jordan Cove Pipeline

The Socialist party USA Central Oregon Local took the fight against Jordan Cove Pipeline to the Oregon state capital. Central Oregon comrades and Salem chapter comrades joined over 300 Oregon residents to voice their opposition to the the pipeline project that Governor Kate Brown has stayed silent on. The SPUSA comrades talked with other protesters and journalists. They shared their view on these industrial atrocities are the symptom of capitalism and that we need system change to end these environmental attacks.

Northern NJ Comrades Attend Peace Action Fall Gathering with John Nichols

Northern NJ members attended New J Peace Action's Fall Gathering, featuring John Nichols as keynote speaker. Nichols gave a great presentation on the connection of the anti-war movement with the labor, civil rights and environmental movements and gave a couple shout out to the Party. The Northern NJ Local participates in New Jersey Peace Action's work, including the weekly vigils in Montclair.

CDSP Statement on Armistice Day 2019

The great world war to end all wars ended when hostilities ceased on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 forever to be known as Armistice Day. Armistice Day was meant to commemorate those killed in the appalling slaughter that was the First World War. Shocked and saddened by the killing, which a growing mass media brought more intimately than ever before into lives of those on the home front, it was agreed all around that such senseless and tragic waste must never again be repeated. Armistice Day is an anti-war celebration. It commemorates those, especially in Europe a generation, we need not have lost. In 1954 Armistice Day was changed by Congress to Veterans Day to incl

4th Annual No Piedmont Socialist Cookout

The Northern Piedmont local held their 4th annual Socialist Cookout this year at Cannon-Isabella Park in Raleigh. Despite the unseasonably cold weather, members from a variety of socialist, anti-capitalist, and other far-left groups turned out for an afternoon of good food, music, and singing with comrades.

SPUSA Holds Convention in Newark NJ

Socialist Party members from across the US gathered in Newark NJ on October 25-27 for the Party's 2019 National Convention. The convention updated our Statement of Principles, Platform and Constitution as well as electing a new National Committee and a strategy for the next two years. New National Committee Co-Chairs: Pat Noble and Jamie Keesling Vice-Chairs: Claudia Miller and Nicholas Partyka National Committee (in order of election) Lark Lo, Greg Pason, Stephanie Cholensky, Tana Forrester, Heather Moulton-Meissner, Stephanie Gussin, John Palmucci Jr, Canyon Ryan. Alternates (in order of election) Matt Erard, Josh Hollandsworth, Chelsea Rustad, Evan Clark, Benjamin Blumberg, Joshua Bradley

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