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North Jersey SP Joins Montclair Climate Strike Actions

Members of the Northern NJ Local joined two climate strike actions in Montclair NJ on September 20th. In the morning members stood in solidarity with hundreds of Montclair High School students Montclair High School students who walked out Of class FOR the Youth Climate Strike that started at Montclair High School and ended downtown with a rally. In the evening the Northern NJ Local endorsed the Montclair Peace Vigil in Solidarity with the Climate Strike. The event was sponsored by the Montclair Peace Vigil, a project of NJ Peace Action and supported by Food and Water Action, Jewish Voices for Peace, Clean Water Action, the North Jersey SPUSA and more, and brought out more than 100 residents.

No Piedmont SP Members Join Raleigh Climate Strike

The Northern Piedmont local joined hundreds of people gathered at the NC Legislature to protest the climate crisis. We were there with members of the NC Green Party and Occupy Raleigh to spread the message that green capitalism will fail and in order to mitigate the coming disaster, Ecosocialism is necessary.

SP Comrades at Bend OR Climate Strike!

The SPUSA comrades in Bend Oregon protested in solidarity with thousands around the world and the citizens in the community. They talked with others about ways of combating climate change in the state and around the world. SPUSA Ecosocialist Campaign info was handed out and contacts where made.

The Amazon is Burning

Statement on the Fires in the Amazon A statement drafted by the SPUSA Ecosocialist Working Group Statement approved by the SPUSA National Action Committee The Amazon is burning. These fires, enabled by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for the profit of giant agribusiness, are a deliberate tactic to clear land for development. The Insitiututo Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais reported a 79% increase in forest fires from this same period in 2018. As promised by the Bolsonaro regime, large hectares of Amazon forest will be opened up for Western development. The burning of the Rainforest has the effect of destroying its capacity to reduce carbon pollution and provide breathable air for the entir

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