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Puget Sound Socialist Party - May Day in Olympia

On May Day, the Puget Sound Sound Socialist Party tabled and co-sponsored the Olympia event for the first time. Chelsea, Ben, and Andrew chatted about socialism with visitors to Sylvester Park, handing out lots of free stickers, keychains, pins, and literature. In addition, Chelsea gave a short speech providing insight into the history of May Day and why it’s so important to recognize the sacrifices of communists and anarchists of the past. It was a perfect sunny day to continue building relationships with the community.

May Day in Long Beach, CA

Members of the Socialist Party of California attended the May Daymarch and rally in Long Beach, California. It was the first time the Socialist Party USA participated in a Long Beach May Day event. More to come from Long Beach!

Northern Piedmont Socialists Celebrate May Day in both Raleigh and Durham NC

The Northern Piedmont Local of the Socialist Party USA celebrated May Day in both Raleigh and Durham this year. Schools across the state were shut down for the North Carolina Association of Educators Day of Action, where tens of thousands of teachers and their supporters gathered to support teachers and their right to unionize. In Durham, SP-USA members joined the Durham Workers Assembly and Fight for 15 in a march across the city, proclaiming there are NO WALLS in the workers struggle!

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