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Taking TestNowLBC to the Streets

On Friday, January 25th, members of the Socialist Party USA convened in Long Beach to launch the "TestNowLBC" campaign, delivering campaign information to the community during 4th Street's "Fourth Friday". About TestNowLBC: "Rape kit testing in Long Beach is a public health crisis. Transparency is an issue. Access is an issue. Cost is an issue. Trust is an issue. According to End the Backlog, the Long Beach Police Department collected 1,657 rape kits between July 1993 and August 2017. The police have not clarified how many of those kits have been tested. In 2018, California passed a law mandating an audit of all untested rape kits in the possession of law enforcement, medical facilities, and

NYC Socialists Join MLK Day March Against Displacement

The Socialist Party of NYC marched with the Citywide Alliance Against Displacement in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior to fight against Mayor de Blasio’s landlord and developer friendly administration. There are currently over 60,000 homeless people in New York City.

North Jersey Socialists Join Montclair Sustainability Conference

Members of the Northern New Jersey Socialist Party joined over 100 attendees at the 4th Acting Locally for a More Sustainable World Conference in Montclair NJ. Local member Greg Pason served on the conference planning committee and Stephanie Gussin served as a conference volunteer. local members also promoted the CIW's Fair Food campaign through the Montclair Fair Food Alliance.

Black Hills Local Joins Women's March

"Black Hills Socialist Party's presence at this year’s Women's March was colorful,loud, and, more importantly, fruitful. We received dozens of inquiries andvolunteer sign ups, handed out literature and business cards, and flew the SPUSA flag higher than anything else in the vicinity. We squeezed in a short interview for the local news, chanted through megaphones, and beat a marching snare along the way - all while donning SPUSA apparel and waving flags. There’s no doubt that it was a spectacular scene for Rapid City – our local being one of a kind in the area. It was a huge success and was inspiring to see so many workers uniting in the sam eplace under banners of red. Solidarity forever!"

UTLA Strikes!

Members of the Socialist Party Los Angeles Local joined UTLA strike actions throughout the city of Los Angeles, including the massive mobilization at downtown's Grand Park. Press reports have indicated that the downtown rally saw more than 60,000 join the action in support of UTLA's fight against privatization, for better staffing, for nurses, and for respect.

The Coalition for Peace, Revolution, and Social Justice's "Can We Overcome the Existential

As part of the Coalition for Peace, Revolution, and Social Justice, members of the Socialist Party Los Angeles Local helped to organize an ecosocialist-themed panel discussion that took place on Sunday, January 6th in Culver City, CA. The packed house brought in a variety of groups who were prepared to engage in a discussion about approaches to address the existential crisis of capitalism and climate change. The Socialist Party Los Angeles Local's Gene Warren was a panelist at the event, covering his article "Too Late? A Horror Story".

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