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North Jersey SP Members Help Re-Launch Montclair Peace Vigil

Members of the Northern NJ Local have helped re-launch the Montclair Peace Vigil after a period of inactivity. The Peace Vigil has been a location to promote various anti-war campaigns from the closing of Guantanamo, War in Afghanistan and Iraq , Move the Money campaigns and most recently the "Keep Space for Peace" and "Women's March on the Pentagon" The Montclair Peace Vigil can be found at:

Northern Piedmont Socialist Picnic

Comrades from all over the state and various far-left parties and activist groups joined the Northern Piedmont local of the Socialist Party USA for our 2018 Socialist Picnic. Temperatures were cold, but the socialism was red hot! (not everyone pictured in the photo above are SP-USA members)

Capital Dist NY Statement in Support of Mohawk Ambulance EMS Workers

Mohawk Ambulance EMS workers want their minimum wage raised to $15 per hour. Presently, the hiring wage for EMS workers at Mohawk Ambulance is an outrageous $12.50 per hour. As of December 31, 2018, this will only exceed the state minimum wage by a mere $0.51. Mohawk Ambulance is the only contracted ambulance service for Albany and Schenectady, NY. Their workers answer over 70,000 calls per year. Many EMS workers have to work 80 hours each week just to provide for their families. They perform skilled, professional work under unimaginable stress, with the lives of others routinely hanging in the balance. The work they do saves the lives of our loved ones, and our fellow citizens. We’ve recent

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