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Socialist Party Los Angeles Local Continues Its Self-Defense Program

On Sunday, July 29th, the Socialist Party Los Angeles Local held the seventh session in its self-defense training program. The group, which was joined by folks in the community, continued to focus on blocks, strikes, and kicks. The work is intensifying as participants are becoming more familiar with strategies and techniques.

Maine Socialists Hold 2nd Annual Convention

The Socialist Party of Maine held its 2nd annual convention on Saturday, July 21st at the Maple Hill Farm Inn & Conference Center. There was coffee, muffins, and comrades in abundance. About twenty Socialist Party members from Eastern and Midcoast Maine were joined by Zoe, the party’s regional coordinator from New Hampshire, as well as a few new faces.

SPUSA Holds 2018 National Organizing Conference in Montgomery Alabama

This year's Socialist Party National Organizing Conference was held in Montgomery Alabama from July 13- 15th and dozens of members from across the country spent a weekend of fun, networking and skill sharing. We heard first hand about the incredible movement work our Locals were doing, ways to analyze “strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats”, brain storm on neighborhood coalition building and work to better develop feminist practice as organizers. Some of the most inspirational workshops were given by Alabama comrades and friends. We learned about the struggles for reproductive rights and the incredible P.O.W.E.R House center in Montgomery, organizing with the LGBTQ+ community and

The Los Angeles Police Commission Public Hearing on Data Driven Evidence Based Policing

As part of the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, members of the Socialist Party's Inland Empire and Los Angeles locals attending the Los Angeles Police Commission's public hearing on data-driven evidence-based policing. Socialist Party members joining their Stop LAPD Spying Coalition comrades in voicing the demand for an end to the Los Angeles Police Department's use of the PREDPOL and Operation LASER (Los Angeles Strategic Extraction and Restoration) programs. For more on the hearing click here

Radical Ruckus Beach Party in Southern California

Members of the Socialist Party's Los Angeles, Ventura County, and Inland Empire locals got together with friends at El Matador State Beach to decompress. The Inland Empire and Ventura County comrades brought great food and drink, and the Pacific Ocean brought some heavy wind and waves. As always, laughter and ideas were in abundance.

Upholding Human Rights: Condemn Family Separation and Detention, Act Now

Drafted by the People of Color Commission, approved by the National Action Committee In the most strident terms possible, the Socialist Party condemns the reprehensible separation of families at the United States border by the Trump Administration. This blatant violation of human rights, justified by a xenophobic, far-right immigration policy, flies in the face of human compassion as well as all ethical and moral standards. The United States government’s lack of basic humanity is evidenced by the fact that the separation of families has been compared to Nazi concentration camps and the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War Two. We demand the immediate reunification of all chi

SP Central Alabama attends “Keep Families Together” rally

A contingent on comrades from the Socialist Party of Central Alabama were on hand Saturday to take part in the “Keep Families Together” rally in downtown Montgomery. Comrades Jason Walker, Taylor Nicole and Chuck Friedman handed out free water to attendees and spoke with others about the Socialist Party and how they can get involved with the movement both locally and nationally.

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