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Socialists Meet up in Shasta County CA

What an awesome meeting Monday for the Shasta County Socialist Party ! We discussed furthering our plans and tactics for our garden projects, we're aiming to set it up in August for winter crops like potatoes, onions, etc. as well as fall blooming cherry tomatoes. We discussed how we can implement the Socialist Party USA Ecosocialist Working Group 's upcoming "Sowing the Seeds of Socialism" Seed-Distribution Campaign/Survey. We discussed homeless outreach, and thanks to comrade J Christian Klopf's donation, we will have funds for supply and food drops! We discussed further cooperation and partnering with WSWA on various projects. We discussed allying with "Rebel" Churches against the Hate Ch

Statement on the Escalation of Violence Against Palestinians

The Socialist Party unequivocally opposes Israel's violent actions on the Gaza Strip and the slaughter of innocent Palestinians who are only standing in opposition to the illegal occupation of their homeland. We further condemn Donald Trump's decision to move the United States embassy to Jerusalem as a shameless attempt to score points with the Zionist lobby at the cost of Palestinian dignity and lives. There is no peace to be found through sniper rifles and high-velocity tear gas canisters. We demand that the perpetrators of the recent violence against Palestinians are held accountable. We continue to demand that the United States divest itself of all support of Israel, be it economic, dipl

Call to Action: Against the War in Syria and the Attacks on Gaza

As part of the Coalition for Peace, Revolution, and Social Justice, members of the Socialist Party Los Angeles Local helped to organize and participate in a rally in solidarity with the Syrian and Palestinian peoples, as well as all immigrants, displaced people, and refugees. The group convened in front of the Los Angeles Federal Building and marched to the Israeli Consulate. The event took place on Saturday, May 12th, to commemorate Nakba Day and 70 years since the founding of Israel and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, which continues to this day."

Statement on National Co-Chair Appointment

The Socialist Party is excited to announce that Holly Carpenter has been appointed to the office of National Co-Chair of the Socialist Party! In accordance with the Party Constitution, the National Committee voted to fill the National Co-Chair vacancy after Jennifer Rampollo resigned from office for personal reasons. The unanimous appointment was made effective at the conclusion of the National Committee meeting on May 12th, 2018. Holly previously served as a National Committee member for the 2015-2017 term and was re-elected at the 2017 National Convention in New York City. She was also the runner-up in the 2017 National Co-Chair election and is an active member of the Ventura County local

Capital District Socialist Party May Day

The Capital District Socialist Party of New York took to the streets of Albany, New York, with a broad coalition of allied left-wing organizations to demonstrate in solidarity for American and international workers and immigrants rights. CDSP comrades made themselves visible by showing up dressed in black and red - many sporting the hammer and sickle - and waving red and black flags while carrying the Socialist Party USA banner as the crowd met at local religious institutions, marched down Central Avenue, and rallied at a downtown park.

Chicago Socialist Party on May Day

Members of the Chicago Socialist Party marched, holding our banner, and invited attendees to a party later that evening where we discussed socialism and handed out party literature. We had a decent turnout for that event.

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