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Willamette Valley SP Tables @ Local College

Willamette Valley SPUSA members organized a table at Chemeketa Community College in Salem Oregon .as outreach to the community and as an extension of our Counter Military Recruitment and Know Your Right's campaign in at Risk Communities. We provided info on the Socialist Party USA, military counter recruitment info from the War Resisters League and Know Your Rights info on protesting, the Police , ICE and immigration to students of Chemeketa who's students body is over 70% people of color, predominantly Hispanic.

Statement on the FBI report targeting "Black Identity Extremists"

In a report dated August 3, 2017, the FBI put forth a new designation for contemporary Black activism: "Black Identity Extremists." The report, titled "Black Identity Extremists Likely Motivated to Target Law Enforcement Officers," creates a case for investigating "ideologically motivated" black activists on the grounds that they are likely to commit acts of domestic terrorism. As activists organize to fight police brutality, white supremacy, and systemic racism, this racist and disruptive designation justifies further punitive action against Black activists. Furthermore, it solidifies and expands the disciplinary power of the state against its citizens. By utilizing the term "Black Identity

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