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In Response to the Stockley Verdict

In Response to the Stockley Verdict Statement written by Socialist Party USA members in St. Louis, MO and affirmed by the SPUSA National Action Committee In 2011, former St. Louis Police Officer -Jason Stockley- was found on video chasing Anthony Lamar Smith, a black man, using racial slurs and making death threats. Stockley also illegally had a personal firearm on his person while on duty. It is believed that the officer planted a gun on Smith because the only DNA which was found on the weapon in his car was Stockley’s. The DNA was found under the screws of the gun, meaning it’s likely Stockley owned the gun and took it apart at one point to clean it. Despite all of the evidence against th

Statement on Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma

Statement written by the SPUSA Ecosocialist Commission and passed by the National Action Committee 9/12/2017 There is no need to debate the influence of global climate change on Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. The record setting rainfall associated with Harvey and the size and intensity of Irma were the result of elevated water temperatures in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, uncontrolled development of the Texas and Florida coasts have led to the high population densities and impermeable ground cover that amplified the consequences of these two storms. Hurricanes may be a force of nature, but human activity resulting from decades of unrestrained capitalism

SP Members Join Action Against Hate in Portland, OR

Member's of the Willamette Valley SPUSA, Socialist Party USA contingent joined Portland Stands United Against Hate in Portland Oregon for a rally and march against white nationalism. A counter protest to Joey Gibson's Patriot Prayer group which was holding a rally in both Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington. 90 different groups were represented at the rally and march with a heavy Socialist presence along with the Socialist Party USA, members of The Socialist Alternative, Democratic Socialist of America and The International Socialist Organization were also present.

Statement on the Decision to End DACA

The Socialist Party USA condemns the decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Executive Order. The decision will negatively affect millions of immigrants and their families. As an Executive order, this protection has always been fragile and there lies the problem. The rescinding of DACA effects many residents in many ways. It affects students and tenants and workers. 75,000 LGBTQ+ youth are also affected with the end of DACA. The Socialist Party calls for the immediate resumption of protections under DACA and calls for the following from or Platform. The Socialist Party works to build a world in which everyone will be able to freely move across borders, to visit and

Labor Day Potluck; hosted by the Socialist Party of Central Alabama

On Labor Day 2017, September 4, the Socialist Party of Central Alabama held a Labor Day Potluck at the EAT South Farm in downtown Montgomery, Alabama. The event featured a wide array of food items, contributed by party members and unaffiliated attendees alike, and featured the musical stylings of local favorites Justin Turberville, Buddy Wiltbank, The Last Thing You Remember (SPUSA comrade Nelson Jancanterino) and The Powell Brothers (including SPUSA comrade Adam Powell). In addition to live music and a potluck dinner, SPCA raffled off a variety of books – titles by Lenin, Mao and Kropotkin donated by Alabama SPUSA comrade Rob Dunn; the “A,B,C's of Socialism” donated by SPUSA comrade Shannon

Socialist Party of New Jersey at the Paterson Labor Day Parade

The Northern New Jersey Local of the Socialist Party USA marched in Haledon/Paterson Labor Day Parade from the Historic Botto House/American Labor Museum in Haledon to the great Falls in Paterson. the Local was joined by our State Secretary Pat Noble (Central NJ Local), supporters of the Campaign for Democratic Socialism and members of the Red Party,

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