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SPUSA Regional Held in NYC

Members from New Jersey and New York City held a regional meeting on August 12th at the Socialist Party USA National Office. Members discussed Local organizing campaigns, regional organizing and coalition building.

Food Sovereignty Discussion in North NJ

Northern NJ Local members organized a discussion of Food Sovereignty at a local community garden project in Montclair. The day included an event organized through Montclair Skillshare featuring a presentation by Esneider Arevalo of the Friends of the MST at a small but growing community garden project we've been supporting and continued with a Campaign for Democratic Socialism co-sponsored BBQ at a local activist space. The Local will continue to work on fighting to end gentrification and for food access and sovereignty in the town .

Socialist Party Statement on Charlottesville

Statement passed by the National Action Committee, 8/12/17 The Socialist Party condemns the cowardly act of right-wing terrorism in Charlottesville in which anti-fascist comrades were murdered and many more injured. The oblivious response by Trump and weak response by other politicians of both capitalist parties proves that we are on our own. If anyone tells you this all can be solved by replacing Trump with a Democrat in 2020, they are wrong. The right-wing has been emboldened by Trump, but they will not step down when he leaves office. We reject any notion that this murderous event was a isolated incident or the politics that fuel it exist only on the fringe of society. This is the Unite

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