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Statement on the Attack in Manchester

The Socialist Party USA condemns the recent attack in Manchester, in which scores of innocent concert goers were killed or injured in an inhumane act. Our thoughts and condolences are with the deceased and their families. Especially with the United Kingdom less than three weeks from a general election, we stand against any attempt to turn this tragedy into political capital to further right-wing agendas and target oppressed communities. Though we are an ocean away, we stand in solidarity with immigrants and Muslims in Britain that will be targeted even more heavily by the opportunistic right in the days ahead. As anti-capitalist forces in the United Kingdom rally to defend their most vulnera

Statement on the Unequivocal Support of Immigrant Rights

Statement written by the SPUSA People of Color Commission and passed by the National Action Committee Following the recent reported uptick in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids against the immigrant community and in particular the Latino immigrant community the People of Color Commission of the Socialist Party USA reiterates our Party's steadfast commitment in support of people of color. The Socialist Party USA recognizes the intimate link between racism and capitalism and demands the elimination of all forms of discrimination in housing, jobs, education, health care, immigration, etc. We are committed to the creation of a pluralistic society that defends and promotes a mul

May Day in the Bay Area CA

Four comrades were able to participate in a march in the Fruitvale District of Oakland for May Day. The march was sponsored by Oakland Sin Fronteras Members included Antonio Salas, Jenna Tuttle, Tina Phillips, and Zachary Mingue Sohn. Members met at Fruitvale Plaza at 3pm on May 1st to gather. The march was 3 miles long down a large street to San Antonio Park where food and drinks were served by local groups and speakers spoke on important issues. Attention was paid to immigrant labor and labor unions. Many red and red and black flags were present. The spirit of the march was very lively with many chants, lots of people holding signs and banners,

May Day in Washington DC

On this May Day, the Socialist Party of DC along with many other groups marched to demonstrate our refusal to bow to capitalist lapdogs like Trump and Mayor Bowser, and that we will stand in solidarity with all oppressed peoples.

May Day in Boston

The Socialist Party of Boston was present at the Rally and March to Resist Deportations May Day 2017, and was instrumental in organizing the Boston May Day Coalition which put over a thousand people into the streets at this years action

May Day in Central Alabama

Here in the heart of Dixie, we are building a working class movement. Whether it's helping run Nazis off Auburn's campus, or working with auto workers trying to unionize, we are ready for anything!

May Day in Albany NY

Capital District Socialist Party of New York marched in Albany on May Day in solidarity with Movemiento Cosecha and their fight for immigrants rights and permanent protection in this country, as well with all workers fighting for the respect and dignity they are due. We had a wonderful time talking with so many different people about socialism, the history of May Day and the Haymarket martyrs, and the our vision for the Capital Region. Most folks were receptive to our message, many noticed our red and black flags and asked what they stood for, others even asked to take pictures with us

May Day in Raleigh NC

​A little rain didn't stop the Northern Piedmont local from celebrating May Day with the Triangle May Day Coalition and Triangle People's Assembly in Raleigh, NC.

May Day Cleveland OH

A great coming together of leftists in Cleveland--IWW, Burning River Anarchists, SPUSA, DSA, numerous unions and several others groups word on this May Day action and celebration. The spirit of solidarity allowed for this large event to come off celebrating workers and demanding proper working conditions in a short eriod of time. 300 plus in attendance.

May Day at the Colorado Capital

The May Day Coalition which includes the Front Range Socialist Party, the Colorado local of Socialist Party USA, held a proud and fearless demonstration on the steps of the capitol today. There we spoke to a crowd of a few hundred about the truths of capitalist exploitation, imperialism, and the necessity of worker's revolution to abolish the capitalist order and bring about a more just and free society

May Day Newark NJ

Northern NJ Socialist Party members joined hundreds of immigrant rights and labor activists in Newark for the Day without an Immigrant/May Day Rally from Lincoln Park to the Federal Building.

May Day Indianapolis

The Greater Indianapolis Socialist Party USA joined IWW, Food Not Bombs, DSA, WWP, and PSL in solidarity with the Marcha de Un Dia Sin Immigrantes May Day march in Indianapolis. No human being is illegal. From Mexico to Palestine, every border is a crime.

May Day Los Angeles

Members of the Socialist Party Los Angeles Local attended May Day marches throughout the city. Marches were organized in MacArthur Park, Downtown L.A., Long Beach, and the San Fernando Valley.

Los Angeles Local Participates in Fifth Sunday Panel

As part of the Fifth Sunday Coalition, members of the Socialist Party Los Angeles Local helped to organize an ecosocialism panel at the West Side Peace Center in Culver City. L.A. Local member Gene Warren gave a presentation on automation and productivism.

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