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US Out of Korea Now!

Despite the fact that the United States dropped the so-called “Mother of All Bombs” in Afghanistan less than three weeks ago, Donald Trump has the audacity to claim that North Korea testing – not using – a weapon will not be tolerated. It has become increasingly clear that the White House and Pentagon are preparing to attack North Korea and will use any excuse to get there. Especially with the fact that North Korea has attacked no country, this would constitute a war crime. On April 26th, the entire U.S. Senate was briefed at the White House on the current situation on the Korean Peninsula, or at least the U.S. version of it. This stands to continue a long-standing position of the Democrat a

May Day 2017 Socialism: An Idea Whose Time Has Come!

"Ideas," someone once wrote, "move rapidly when their time comes." As we gather to celebrate May Day, the continuing capitalist crisis makes socialism an idea ready to move rapidly. While military spending increases and working people face mass unemployment, big businesses continues to get billions in handouts, and state and local budgets face massive cuts. Capitalist crisis has made the socialist vison, that of a world where human needs are put ahead of individual profits, even more relevant. Our task on May Day is to convert socialism from a good idea into a movement to transform our society. Capitalism Exposed Our current economic problems are more than just the wrong person/party in the

Statement On the Khan Sheikhoun Massacre and the US Strike Against the Assad Regime

Statement written by Zachary Medeiros (SPUSA International Relations Committee Co-Chair) and passsed by the SPUSA National Action Committee On April 4, at least 82 people in the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib, were killed in a chemical weapons massacre, including dozens of children. Contrary to the conspiratorial, unscientific, and outrageous theories that Damascus, Moscow, and their global apologists began to spread almost immediately, all of the evidence available so far points to the Assad regime as the most likely culprit. Although only an independent expert investigation will be able to identify the perpetrators for certain, this act of butchery is consistent with the regime’s

No War in Syria!

In as clear terms as possible, the Socialist Party USA condemns the massacre of at least eighty innocent Syrians in Khan Sheikhoun using chemical weapons. This inhumane act is completely unacceptable and cannot be defended. Regardless of who ordered this massacre, and despite any pandering from some on the US Left, history will remember these days and write that Bashar al-Assad butchered his own people and Vladimir Putin helped him do it. At the same time and with equal clarity, we condemn the use of military force by the United States in Syria. It is unclear at this time whether this act was an one-off show of force or a precursor to something larger and more deadly, but as we have learned

NJ Party Joins Rally for Living Wage

Socialist Party of New Jersey members joined a rally in Jersey City NJ for a living wage. The Party joined the Green Party, 15 now! and others outside of Grove St Station to protest living wage "cut outs" of youth, seasonal and farmworkers,and the need for a $15 hr min wage as a starting point toward a living wage for all. SPNJ State Secretary Pat Noble spoke for the Party (coverage in at Video of Pat Noble's speech

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