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Response to the U.S. Declaration of War on Transgender People

Collectively written by the transgender members of the LGBTQA+ Commission of the Socialist Party USA, and endorsed by the entirety of the LGBTQA+ Commission. Approved by SPUSA National Action Committee Feb 26, 2017 Oppression of any marginalized group is based on a denial of the fundamental humanity, or even the existence of that group. The action taken by Jefferson Beauregard Sessions and the Trump administration is not about access to restrooms and locker rooms. It is an expression of a view of the world in which transgender people do not exist. Our fundamental humanity is being denied and we are being dismissed as, quote, “mentally ill freaks” by reactionaries. The recent actions ta

Statement in Support of Black August

Statement written by the People of Color Commission of the Socialist Party USA 2/22/2017 The People of Color Commission of the Socialist Party USA believes that now is the time to be very clear and intentional about our stance on mass incarceration, detentions and deportations in this country. We know that the commodification of human beings by the prison-industrial complex is one of the ways capitalism manifests in state violence. As people who are dedicated to ending all forms of state violence, the People of Color Commission stands in support of the work of all of the coalitions around the country who are engaging in the necessary work of prison abolition and agitating for the removal o

SPUSA National Office Hosts Forum on the "Invention of theWhite Race" w/ Jeffrey Perry

The Socialist Party held a presentation on Theodore W Allen's Invention of the White Race with Jerry Perry at the National Office in Chinatown NYC. Jeffrey gave a presenttaion to approx two dozen attendees and a great discussion was held on topics including works by Hubert Harrison, Socialist Party history and fighting white supremacy and white "nationalism" in the currnet poltical climate. We hope to have Jeffrey back soon!

Indy Local Rallies against Trump and Fascism

On the first Saturday of February the Indianapolis Socialist Party-USA organized a rally entitled "No Fascist USA" against Donald J. Trump and the revitalized fascist movement in the United States. Community members spoke about their fears and laid out paths of action so that right-wing absurdities can be stopped in it's tracks. Around 100 people attended, local news stations covered the rally, and people had their voices heard.

Northern NJ Members Join the Call for "Sanctuary City"

Northern New Jersey Local members joined dozens of activists in Montclair to call on the city to proclaim itself a "sanctuary city". Local members will also join a group of community residents at Town Council on February 7th to speak in favor of a sanctuary city proclamation.

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