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The Fight Against Trump Begins

Statement by the SPUSA National Action Committee passed 1/30/17 Resolution by the SPUSA National Committee passed 1/29/17 The events of the past few days have proven two things. First, that Donald Trump is fully prepared to carry out the threats he made during his presidential campaign against Muslims, refugees, undocumented workers, women, Native Americans, and other oppressed groups. Second, that we on the Left are fully prepared to fight back against these horrific policies and stand with the communities under attack. The reaction to Trump's inauguration, as well as the millions who marched around the world the day after and the thousands who responded to support the refugees being d

Mass Deportation and Detention is Not the Answer: A Response to Recent Developments in Fortress Euro

Statement written by International Relations Committee Co-Chair Zach Medeiros and SPUSA Vice-Chair AJ Segneri. Passed by the SPUSA National Action Committee Late last month, Reuters and the Italian media reported that Franco Gabrielli, Italy’s national police chief, sent a written directive to police stations across the country ordering them to take "extraordinary action" before the "growing migratory pressure in an international context marked by instability and threats" to "control and remove irregular foreigners." A source within the Italian Interior Ministry confirmed the directive to Reuters and elaborated on what this extraordinary action would entail: the creation of several new det

Statement from the Women's Commission About the Million Woman March

Even though we recognize the fact that a large protest in Washington DC has the potential to be impactful, the Socialist Party USA Women’s Commission is critical of the March on Washington taking place on January 21st and, therefore, does not support or endorse the event. From the very beginning, this event has proven to be a predominantly straight white event. Even the name was a blunder of appropriation, starting with One Million Women then March on Washington, two historic events organized by African Americans. Following this and additional criticism of lack of inclusivity, the organizers of the group made a general statement asking individuals of marginalized groups to join them instead

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